Download: Community Focused Tactical Urbanism Toolkit

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Rethink Re:Place is a New Union project that makes placemaking user-friendly, by offering training opportunities and upskilling techniques. We know it can be difficult to engage the community - either they’re uninterested or otherwise in the dark about what it is they can do - and so we’re creating a suite of toolkits that explain placemaking’s various facets in easy-to-understand, straightforward language.

Tactical urbanism consists of low-cost, temporary changes to a built environment, usually in cities, intended to improve local neighbourhoods and city gathering places. Perhaps most important is that it can be done cheaply or at no cost, by almost anyone.

In this downloadable Community Focused Tactical Urbanism workshop we will guide you through what it is in easy to understand language and a series of participative exercises.

Alongside the basics, explained through various relatable examples, you and the participants will also learn about:-

- Chair bombing
- Pop-up street food events
- ECOmmunity days
- Community cohesion
- Guerilla signposting
- Depaving
- Green spacing

...and many more examples of how to roll up those sleeves and get stuck in, realistically putting them into practice where you live. Whether or not you’ve heard of these before, there is plenty to learn, and we know that you’ll become inspired.

This workshop can help you if: You have community groups or Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) in your area that want to learn how to improve their community spaces using a limited or non-existent budget: Tactical urbanism is community driven placemaking. Often, people who want to improve their areas expect that it can only be done with government approval and financial backing - however, this workshop aims to teach ways in which the community themselves can improve their surroundings through cheap and effective methods.

We believe that ideas are free, and this workshop will provide the information needed to inspire your participants to enact change in their areas.

You want to learn how to build narratives from the activities that your community do: People are story driven creatures, and having a clear narrative with a beginning, middle and end will help communicate the change and activities taking place. This toolkit includes an introduction to digital storytelling, report/blog templates to make sharing your activities easier, and carefully constructed activities that include the power of narrative to make learning fun and easy.

Who specifically should run this workshop, and why?

If you are local government or a housing association:
It is a great way to engage local community groups and NGOs, teaching them how to action change in their areas for little to no cost. This is a perfect opportunity to begin conversations with them, exchanging ideas and best practice, and taking the time to educate another.
It is also a good opportunity to use this as engagement for policy research or outreach.

If you are a third sector organisation: It is an opportunity to engage your volunteers and your communities directly, educating how they can make a difference in their neighbourhoods. Maybe there are unused or derelict spaces in your area and you want to influence your local authority to invest - this workshop can start those conversations.

Also, you can use this workshop as evidence for funding or grant applications (as community engagement evidence for example).

If you are a neighbourhood or town planner: Who better to inform the improvement of spaces, than those who use them on a daily basis? This workshop will spark ideas, promote creative approaches to problem-solving, and will show the community that they should have a hand in the process - and could even enact improvements unaided.

If you are ready, you can now download the toolkit by clicking the download button.