The Climate Room in the community

At The Climate Room we really believe in people power so we have built the whole model on community engagement and use these events to help us to drive the project future and influence our decisions, here are some of the examples of what we have been up to recently but if you would like to stay up to date with events in the future, follow our Twitter.

Enagaging residents of Castle Vale on the future of our homes

The Climate Room head down to Castle Vale to engage ocal residents on their thoughts of enegry usage via a series of engaging activities, learn more.

Finding net zero narratives that resonate with residents in East Birmingham

In order to bring people on board, we need to find narratives we can use in regards to better engaging local people on the subject of net zero, that's why we head out into the community to hold our first hackathon, learn more.

What do children in Tyseley really think of climate change?

The perception of climate change seems to change over a generation, luckily children now are far more clued up then our parents and most definitely our grandparents were, we asked children in Tyseley to share their views, learn more.

A Greener Future for East Birmingham

On the 31 October a conference will take place that that will explore pathways to a greener,
fairer, net-zero transition for neighbourhoods in East Birmingham, learn more.